The fine Print

All the not so fun house keeping things.  We value your business, and want you to be thrilled with us.  Some policies can be modified to fit your needs if discussed ahead of time. 


Our insurance has some stipulations we have to work with. The largest of which is we are not allowed to train anyone in the Decathlon that is not at least a private pilot. If you are a student pilot, we still want to hear from you! We are also unable to allow rental or solo flights in the Decathlon. We may however, be willing to sell shares of the aircraft. Contact us for more details.

If flying in your aircraft we will require to be named on your insurance as additional insured with a waiver of subrogation. This is usually as simple as calling your agent and having them contact us. It usually takes less than a week but sometimes takes longer. Rarely ever is there any cost involved with doing this. 

Weight limits

The Decathlon is a great airplane that does a lot of things very well. Unfortunately, carrying a lot of weight is not one of those things.  With a small useful load of under 500 pounds, we must limit our clients to those weighing 210 pounds or less. 


All training flights originate from Bowman Field in Louisville KY. Any flight in the Decathlon beginning at any other airport is subject to a reposition fee equal to the flight and instructor time ($230/HR). The fee may be waived or reduced depending on the location, type of training, and other factors.


Full payment is expected prior to the beginning of your lesson. A 50% down payment will be expected to hold a reservation. Payment can be made by cash, check, or card. 


Life happens, and we understand. Any cancelation with more than 48 hours notice will receive a full refund, or can be rescheduled. Your choice.

Any cancelations within 48 hours are subject to a fee of 50% of the corse cost (the down payment). 

Of corse, weather cancelations are beyond anyone's control and will be rescheduled with no penalties. 

We do our absolute best at keeping the airplane is excellent mechanical shape. If there happens to be a mechanical issue on the day of your flight, you may reschedule or receive a complete refund.