Cirrus Approach

Cirrus Approach is a revolutionary take on the flight training industry. Cirrus is changing the way pilots think about training and what it means to be a proficient pilot. Pilots enrolled in Cirrus Transition Training will be able to choose from a menu of courses that are fresh and engaging, designed to keep pilots current and proficient. Visit the Cirrus Approach training website to sign up.


Top-Tier Initial Training

From the engaging training material such as the Interactive Flight Operation Manual and Cirrus Learning Portal to structured lesson plans, Cirrus training courses are among the best training available in the industry.


Standard Operating Procedures.

Following standard procedures during flight operations will develop habit patterns through repetition that allow pilots to be most efficient while completing tasks and configuring the aircraft for various phases of flight. 


Recurrent training

Cirrus recognizes the best pilots receive frequent training. The Cirrus recurrent training syllabus systematically reviews and trains pilots on every critical aspect of flight.