One question we are frequently asked is about the difference between spin training and upset prevention and recovery training. Many training providers will combine these two elements into one training corse. Why don't we?

The reason is simple, we value training quality over training quantity. The spin training takes 2 half-days and is covered in 3 flights with a sizable amount of ground between flights. UPRT training is 2 full days and 4-5 flights with a lot of ground training. Both of these programs tend to "max out" a students ability to take in new information. 

We could run longer days, add additional days, or simplify the content and easily combine the two programs. None of those options achieve the level of learning and proficiency we believe is necessary. Neither of these programs are designed for "exposure;" they are full training programs specifically designed to make a pilot proficient in a specific set of skills. 

We would love to include (and sometimes do) spins in the UPRT program, or some unusual attitudes in the spin program, but we have found that takes away from the primary focus and dilutes the training. 

So which should you take? The easy answer is both, but we realize that isn't always possible. The question that needs to be asked is why do you want to train with us? If you need a CFI spin endorsement, take the advanced stall and spin training. If you want to improve your stick and rudder skills and develop skills to prevent and recover from upsets, take the UPRT program. If you are uncomfortable with or have a fear of stalls, take the advanced stall and spin training. If you still don't know, call us to discuss what would benefit you most. Or you could always just ask, we are here to guide you to the right answer. 

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