Inverted Concepts was founded in 2016 with one goal - make good pilots better. All too often we see accident reports of good pilots who find themselves in bad situations; unequipped to handle the problem at hand, they become statistics. We aim to solve that.

Since 2011 our Flight instructor, Dennis Mahan, has been offering the best instruction possible with one simple philosophy- train each pilot better than the last. The training we provide follows the same philosophy. We learn something new with every student we train and use every bit of data we can find to continually improve what we do. What we train is based on the most up-to-date industry information available. How we train is based on the best practices available to professional educators. The result is the best, most comprehensive training you have ever experienced. 

Loss of control is listed as the cause of over 40% of general aviation accidents according to an NTSB study. Another study from the University of Illinois found 79% of accidents resulted from skill-based errors. Our Upset Prevention and Recovery Training specifically targets the issues that lead to these kinds of accidents. We begin by training pilots to identify accident chains, and how to add safety buffers when a chain is identified in their own flying. Next, we work to improve aircraft control and flying skills. This is done through the use of an aerobatic tailwheel aircraft that rewards good piloting technique. While this is not aerobatic training (learn more about the differences by clicking here) we fly several aerobatic maneuvers, enhancing stick and rudder skills in ways otherwise impossible.